Thursday, 1 March 2012

Spinach Green Peas Soup(Palak matar soup)

A very healthy soup consisting of spinach..goes well with bread toast :-)

Ingredients -
spinach/palak(10-15 leaves)
green peas/matar(1/2 cup)
onion(1 medium)
garlic cloves(3-4)
green chillies(2-3)
peppercorns/kalimirch (3-4)
vegetable stock/water

Method -
Wash the spinach well and chop it roughly.
Chop the onion,green chillies and garlic finely.
Heat oil in a pan.Add the chopped onion and garlic.
Add green chillies and peppercorns.
Put in the chopped spinach and green peas.
Cover and cook for a minute.
Let it cool down and then grind the mixture with water or vegetable stock to a fine paste.
Now add the paste to a pan.Add some vegetable stock or water and get it to a boil.
Add salt as per taste and a pinch of sugar.
Now add milk and stir.
Let it simmer for another 2 minutes.
Spinach peas soup is ready to serve :-)

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