Thursday, 26 February 2015

Carrot-Beetroot Soup

Soup is something which all of us desire to have specially in winters or during cough/cold.It is a very healthy option even for babies.My son loved it for the taste and colour, and I loved it since he had such a nutritious meal with no fuss :P

carrot (1medium)
beetroot (1/2)
onion (1small)
garlic (1-2cloves)
milk (2tbpsn)

Wash the carrot and beetroot thoroughly.
Peel the skin and chop them roughly.
Boil/pressure cook them till soft.Do not throw the water.
Chop the onion and garlic finely.
Heat butter in a non-stick pan.Add few drops of oil so that the butter does not burn.
Put in the chopped onion and garlic.
Saute it for about 2min and turn off the gas.
Let it cool, then add it to the boiled carrot and beet and grind to a paste in a mixi.
Now put the paste in the same pan and add the water(in which carrot and beetroot were boiled).
Add salt as per taste.I did not add any pepper since it was for my toddler.
Once it comes to a boil turn off the gas and add few drops of milk.
Serve the delicious soup hot :-)

Monday, 16 February 2015

Wheat flour Apple Cake

Cake is a favourite amongst everyone in our home specially home-made cake.This cake apart from being tasty is also healthy as it has atta and apples.So go for this easy and delicious recipe instead of the calorie rich cream cakes :)

wheat flour/atta(2cups)
all purpose flour/maida(2cups)
baking powder(1tbspn)
brown sugar(3cups)
melted butter(1cup)
vanilla essence(1tspn)

Beat the eggs together.Add sugar to the eggs and mix well.
I have used brown sugar but you can use normal sugar also.You can blend the egg-sugar mixture for less time.
Mix the atta, maida and baking powder.
Start adding butter little by little and knead the dough simultaneously.
Now add this dough to the egg-sugar mix.
Sprinkle some drops of vanilla and mix well so that the batter is consistent and smooth.
Peel one apple and slice it finely.Add these chopped pieces to the batter.
Preheat the oven.
Grease a baking dish and bake it in microwave(convection option) for 40min.
Healthy atta cake is ready :)