Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Sattu Paratha

Sattu is basically a mixture of pulses and cereals that are roasted and ground.It includes p
ulses like chickpeas(gram/chana),pigeon peas(arhar/toor dal),green peas(matar),grass peas(khesari),horse gram(kurthi) and cereals like corn(makai) and barley(jo).Sattu is also known as chhatua or saat-anaaj(7 ingredients).It is basically originated in Bihar but is also popular in neighbouring states like WB,Orissa,Jharkand and UP.So here is one healthy and delicious savoury
dish made of sattu..

Ingredients -
garlic cloves(3-4)
green chillies(2-3)
ajwain/carom seeds(1/2 tspn)
kalonji/onion seeds(1/2 tspn)
salt to taste
lemon juice(2tspn)
pickle/achaar masala(optional)
wheat flour/atta(2cups)

Chop the garlic and green chillies finely.
Take sattu in a mixing bowl.
Add the chopped garlic,chillies,ajwain,kalonji,salt,lemon juice and achaar ka masala to it.
Sprinkle some water lightly.The stuffing should be a bit dry.
Add salt to the wheat flour and knead using water.
Make balls out of the flour.
Roll a ball into a small roti.
Place the sattu stuffing inside it,seal the edges and roll into a paratha.
Heat a non-stick tawa.
Cook the paratha on both sides applying ghee/oil.
Serve hot sattu parathas with baigan ka bharta or dum aloo :-)

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Besan Uttapam/Chickpea flour Pancake

This is a nice variation to the normal uttapam where you need to prepare the batter in advance.So this can be done without any preparation and in no time..

Ingredients -
chickpea flour/besan(1 cup)
onion(1 medium)
green chillies(2-3)
bell pepper/capsicum(1 small)
turmeric powder
fresh coriander leaves

Chop the onion,green chillies,capsicum and coriander finely.
Take besan in a mixing bowl.Add salt and turmeric powder.
Add water and get it to a pouring consistency.
Heat a non-stick pan.
Drizzle some oil.Pour a laddle full of batter on the pan.
Let it spread on its own.Sprinkle the chopped onion,chillies,capsicum and coriander leaves over it.
After sometime flip it the other side and cook.
Serve hot with tomato ketchup or with a dollop of ghee :)

Friday, 12 October 2012

Soya Tikkis/Cutlets

Soya being an excellent source of protein,these tikkis are very nutritious.So this is yet another simple and healthy recipe which can be served as a starter with your favourite chutney :)

Ingredients -
nutrela soya nuggets/chunks(1cup)
potatoes(2 small)
onion(1 small)
green chillies(3-4)
fresh coriander leaves
bread crumbs(2tspn)

Pressure cook or microwave the potatoes with a pinch of salt.
Cook the soya nuggets in boiling water till they are soft(10min).
Cool the nuggets and then mince them or chop them finely to get a keema.
Chop the onion,green chillies and coriander leaves finely.
Mash the boiled potatoes and mix with soya keema.
Add the chopped onion,chillies,coriander leaves,salt and bread crumbs to the above mixture.
Make small tikkis.
Heat oil on a non-stick pan.
Shallow fry the tikkis till golden brown.
Serve hot with ketchup or chutney :-)

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Cucumber Pancake

Cucumber pancake is also known as tavshyachi bhakri in konkani and kakdiche thalipeeth in marathi.Tavshe and kakdi standing for cucumber in konkani and marathi respectively.This is a nice variation to the typical thalipeeths/bhakris.This recipe is very simple and can be made within no time for breakfast or evening snacks.This is a savoury version, shall post the sweeter version sometime later.

Ingredients -
rice flour(2 cups)
cucumber grated(1/2 cup)
onion(1 medium)
green chillies(2-3)
coriander leaves

Method -
Wash the cucumber and grate it along with the skin.
Chop the onion and green chillies finely.
To the rice flour add the grated cucumber,onion,chillies,salt and freshly chopped coriander leaves.
Add water as required to get a desired thalipeeth consistency.
Heat a non-stick tawa.
Grease it with some oil.
Take a portion of the above mix and pat it with your hands gently to form a roti.
Apply some water to your hands so that it doesnt stick.
Sprinkle oil on the sides and let it cook.
Flip it on the other side and cook.
Serve hot thalipeeth with a dollop of home-made ghee over it or else it just goes well with a cup of hot tea :-)

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Ragda Patties/Pattice

Ragda pattice is a very famous Indian street food.It consists of 2 parts - ragda is the green or yellow peas gravy and pattice is fried potato cutlets.This can be an excellent dinner(when prepared at home) if you are a chaat fan..which am sure most of us are :)

Ingredients -
For ragda-
green peas
onion(1 big)
ginger-garlic paste(1tbspn)
green chillies(4-5)
tomato(1 medium)
turmeric powder
red chilly powder
coriander-cumin powder
garam masala powder

For pattice -
potatoes(2 medium)
red chilly powder
turmeric powder

For garnish - 
red chilly powder
fresh coriander leaves finely chopped
onions chopped

Method -
Soak the green peas overnight in water or for 5-6 hours.
Cook peas in a pressure cooker.
Chop the onions,green chillies and tomato.
Heat oil in a non-stick pan.
Add the onions,green chillies.
After a min add the ginger-garlic paste.
Once ginger-garlic paste is sauted add the tomatoes.
Add salt,turmeric,chilly,coriander,cumin and garam masala powder.
Add water and cook till a desired consistent gravy.
Boil and mash the potatoes.
Add salt,turmeric and chilly powder.
Heat a pan and shallow fry the potato tikkis/cutlets/pattice.
Serve - 2pattice,pour some ragda over it.Garnish with curd,red chilly powder,chopped onions,coriander leaves and sev :-)