Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Lauki/Doodhi kheer(Bottlegourd Pudding)

Lauki is a very healthy vegetable as we all know.Apart from having the regular veggie dish one day I thought of giving this kheer a try,though I did not mention it to my hubby because I was sceptical aboout how it would taste :p We were amazed that the kheer turned out so delicious and now whenever I have lauki in my pantry my hubby wants to have this kheer.So if you have never heard of this kheer till now please give it a try :)

Ingredients -
chopped bottlegourd/lauki(1cup)
milk(500 ml/1packet)
sugar(1 cup/as per taste)
cardamom/elaichi powder(1tspn)

Method -
Wash the lauki and peel off the outer skin.
Chop it into thin slices.
Boil water in a pot and put in the chopped lauki till it is soft.
Heat milk in a pan.
After it comes to a boil, add the cooked lauki.
Let it cook sometime in milk then add sugar as per taste.Add chopped dryfruits.
Sprinkle elaichi powder and take off from the heat.
Let it cool down.
Serve lauki kheer chilled or warm :)

Monday, 27 January 2014

Palak soup

It has been a long long time since I have posted anything here,thanks to my busy schedule and a very active toddler.So here is a recipe which is dedicated for toddlers/kids.Since long I was planning to give him spinach and finally found a tricky way to do that,so made this soup and he just loved it!Here is a way of giving healthy(which is typically not tasty) food to your kid by making it tasty.What more would a mother want :)

Ingredients -
spinach/palak(8-10 leaves)
green peas/matar(1/4 cup)
onion(1 small)
garlic cloves(1-2)

butter(a small bit)
milk(2-3 tbspn)

Method -
Wash the spinach well and chop it roughly.
Heat water in a pan.Once it starts boiling add the spinach and peas to it.
After about a minute drain out the water and remove the spinach and peas.
Do not discard the water.
Chop the onion and garlic finely.
Heat oil in a pan.Add the chopped onion and garlic.

Add the blanched spinach and peas to it.
Once cooled grind them to a paste using some of the above water.
Put the paste in a pan and let it cook by adding the remaining water.
Once done add salt as per taste and a pinch of sugar.
Now add milk and stir.
Let it simmer for another minute.Finally add the butter.
Palak soup is ready to serve :-)