Monday, 30 May 2016

Atta Biscuits/Cookies

These biscuits are made up of whole wheat flour or atta.Needless to mention that they are healthy.If  you are wondering how might atta biscuits taste, let me tell you that they were just delicious and my toddler just loved them and I was satisfied and happy with the fact that he was munching on some healthy home made stuff :)

Ingredients -
wheat flour/atta - 1.5cup
all purpose flour/maida - 0.5cup 
powdered sugar - 1cup
baking powder - 2tspn
ghee - 3/4th cup
milk - 2-3tbspn

Method -
Mix the atta, maida and baking powder.
Beat the sugar and ghee well.
Now put in the atta little by little into the sugar-ghee mixture.
Mix it till a dough is formed.Add some milk for kneading it.
Keep this dough aside for about 30min.
Preheat the microwave to 180deg.
Take some dough, roll it with the help of a rolling pin.
Now cut them into desired shaped cookies.
Grease the glass plate with ghee and place the cookies keeping some distance between each of them.
Set the convection option of microwave for about 10min.After 10min, turn over the cookies so that they get baked on the other side for another 10min.
Once done you will notice that the cookies get a light brown colour.
Let them cool and then store in an air-tight container.
Enjoy home made healthy cookies at tea time :-)

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