Monday, 20 February 2012

Dates Pudding(Khajur halwa)

Dates or khajur is an excellent source of iron.It also contains many essential nutrients,vitamins and minerals required for the healthy growth and development of our body.So this is one such dessert which can please people of all age groups..that too without worrying :)

Ingredients -
dates(1 cup)
milk(4 cups)
ghee(2 tspn)
cashew nuts

Method -
De-seed and chop the dates fine.
Heat ghee in a non-stick pan.
Add the nuts,raisins and dates.
Keep adding the milk in batches.
Add sugar as per the sweetness of the dates.
Get the desired consistency and turn off the heat.
Garnish with dry fruits and dates halwa is ready to serve :-)

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