Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Rajma Masala

Rajma is a dish prepared with red kidney beans in a thick gravy.It is a famous delicacy from north India which is typically served with steamed rice.Kidney beans are a rich source of carbohydrate,protein and fat,hence making it very healthy among the lentils.

red kidney beans/razma-200gm
garlic cloves
green chillies
garam masala-elaichi,dalchini,laung
fresh coriander leaves

Method -
Wash and soak the rajma in water for 10-12hours or overnight.
Chop roughly onion,ginger,garlic,chillies and tomatoes.
Puree the tomatoes to a fine paste.
Separately make a paste of the following-onions,ginger,garlic,chillies and garam masala.Add little water if required.
Heat oil in a non-stick kadhai.
Add the onion paste and fry for sometime.
After a while add the tomato paste.
Once the oil separates out,add salt as per taste and also ass haldi,chilly,dhaniya jeera powder.
Cook for another 5-7min.
Add the soaked rajma and mix well.
Finally transfer the rajma into a pressure cooker,add sufficient water and let it cook for 7-8 whistles till rajma is soft and mushy.
Sprinkle with fresh coriander leaves.
Serve hot rajma masala with steamed rice or phulkas.