Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Beetroot Kheer

As we all know beetroot is a rich source of many nutrients and hence very healthy.It is cooked as a vegetable or used in salads..Through this recipe I have found a sweet way of including this healthy root in our diet :-)

Ingredients -
beetroot(1 medium)
cardamom powder
milk(500ml/1 packet)
milk powder (optional)
ghee(2 tspns)
cashew nuts,raisins

Method -
Wash and peel the beetroot.
Grate it finely.
Heat a pan and add ghee to it.
Add the grated beet to the ghee and stir for 2 min on a low flame.
Now start adding milk in batches little by little.
Add jaggery as per taste.
Sugar or jaggery can be used.I have used jaggery and nominal amount of sugar(2 tspns).
As the beet absorbs the milk,pour in more milk.Continue this process for the rest of the milk.
Mix some milk powder in hot water and add this to the kheer.This is optional but I like it as it gives a yummy taste :P
Finally add cardamom powder(1 tspn) and garnish with nuts and raisins.
Kheer can be served either hot or chilled :-)

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