Sunday, 6 November 2011

Vermicelli(Seviya) ka halwa/Sheera

Vermicelli/Seviya or shevyacho sheero as it is called in konkani.This is a very easy and filling evening snack.Some people who have a sweet tooth have this for breakfast.This is a nice variation to the typical shevyachi kheer.So if you have never tasted this version of seviya give it a try :-)

Ingredients -
Vermicelli/seviya (1cup)
freshly grated coconut
cardamom(elaichi) powder

Method -
Heat water in a pan and add seviya to it.I have used roasted seviya so it is brown in colour.
Just as the water comes to a boil,check the seviya so that it does not get overboiled.
Drain out the water like the way you do for cooking rice.The water should be drained out completely.
Now take the seviya in a bowl.
Add 2 tbspn ghee to it.
Add 4-5 tbspn of sugar.The sugar quantity can be increased as per your preference.
Add a pinch of salt and cardamom(velchi) powder.
Sprinkle freshly grated coconut and mix well.Coconut is optional and can be avoided but being a konkani I like it :)
Done!Yummy vermicelli sheera is ready to serve.

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