Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Grilled Pomfret

Whenever we go out to a restaurant we always ask if grilled pomfret is available :-) Yes, this is our favourite pomfret dish.So this time we thought of giving this a try and it turned out really awesome !! Henceforth we do not have to depend on the restaurants and can have grilled pomfret at home and that too whenever we wish :-)

Ingredients -
pomfrets with slits (2)
lemon juice
red chilly powder
ginger-garlic paste
coriander powder
cumin powder
methi powder
turmeric powder
garam masala powder
carom seeds(ajwain)

Method -
Wash the slitted pomfrets.
Mix in a bowl - lemon juice,salt and red chilly powder.
Apply this mixture to the pomfrets well(inside the slits) on both sides.
Now take a bowl and mix in the following - curd,ginger-garlic paste,dhaniya powder,jeera powder,methi powder,turmeric powder and garam masala powder and salt to taste.
Mix this well and then apply to the pomfrets on both sides.
Now sprinkle a few ajwain/carom seeds over the pomfrets.
Refrigerate the pomfrets for 6-7 hours or overnite.(See pic below)
Remove the fish out of the refrigerator approx 1 hour before cooking.
Sprinkle some oil on the fish and place it on the higher reck for 10min microwave+grill option.
Carefully turn the fish on the other side,sprinkle some oil and grill for 15min.
Grilled pomfret is ready to serve with onion and lemon wedges :-)

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