Thursday, 10 November 2011

Chorchuri(Mixed Veg)

Chorchuri is a bengali name for medley of vegetables or mixed veg.This is a very healthy dish as it contains spinach(palak),eggplant(brinjal),raddish and broad beans(ghevda).In a bengali meal chorchuri will be served as a prothom is the first dish which is served after steamed rice and is had with rice alone.So do give this healthy and easy mix veg a try :-)

Ingredients -
chopped spinach (2 cups)
eggplant/brinjal (1 medium sized)
broad beans pod/sheem/ghevda
raddish/mooli (1 small)
onion (1 small)
tomato (1 small)
kalonji/kala jeera/jeera
green chillies (2-3)

Method -
Wash the spinach well and chop it.
Cube the brinjal,beans(2-3) and raddish(not the leaves) to small pieces.
Chop the onion,tomato and green chillies.
Heat oil in a kadhai or non-stick pan.
When the oil is hot add the jeera or kala jeera/kalonji to it.
Add onions and let it saute.
Now add all the veggies,tomato and green chillies.
Add salt, a pinch of sugar and let it cook in the steam.Close the lid.
Check after 10-15 min if raddish becomes soft.
There would be no need to add water as spinach leaves out water.
Continue cooking till raddish is cooked.
Chorchuri is ready to serve.

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