Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Thalipeeth is a pancake made of rice flour/other flour.It is called as kandyachi  bhakri in konkani.A very quick item which is not time consuming and also keeps your stomach full.

Ingredients -
rice flour (1/2 cup)
ragi flour (1/2 cup)
green chillies(3-4)
onion(1 medium)
fresh coriander leaves(1 tbsn)
turmeric (haldi)powder

Method -
Mix rice flour and ragi flour in a mixing bowl.I have used ragi flour here, but thalipeet can be made only with rice flour too.
Add salt, haldi powder , green chillies (slit) to the flour.
Chop the onion and coriander finely and add to the above mix.
Now add water little by little and mix well.It should not become too watery,because in that case you will not be able to spread it with your hand on the pan.
Take a non-stick pan/tava and spread some oil on it with your hands.
Take the above mix and put the entire lump on the pan(center).
Apply some water to your hand and spread it as thin as possible. 
Make small holes in the thalipeeth (see pic)and add oil/ghee in these holes  and put it on the flame.
Cover the pan and let it cook.
After about 5-6 min, turn the thalipeeth and let it cook on the other side.
Serve the thalipeeth hot with aloo sabji or any other sabji you like or it just goes well with a cup of hot tea :-)

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