Friday, 21 October 2011

Matar Paneer(Green peas with cottage cheese)

Matar paneer is green peas cooked with cottage cheese.Paneer is Indian cheese and this is a very popular main course dish in north India.It is also very healthy specially when paneer is made at home.Paneer is a rich source of calcium which helps in building strong teeth and bones.Specially very important for women as it prevents osteoporosis in old age.

Ingredients - 
For paneer preparation -
milk-500ml(1 packet)

Matar(green peas)
onion(1 big)
green chillies (4-5)
tomato (1 big)
ginger-garlic paste

Method -
To make home-made paneer -
Heat 500 ml of milk.
Sqeeze 1 lemon with 2(tbspn) water.
As the milk comes to a boil, add the lemon-water to it slowly.
The whey(water that separates out) will separate out from the paneer.
Drain the whey out and collect the paneer in a thin cloth/cheese cloth in a colander(utensil with small holes).
Hold the colander under cold water and wash the paneer.
Hang this cloth till all the water drains off or best is if you can place some heavy weight over it for about 1-2 hrs.
Knead the paneer well and form square shaped pieces (see pic)

Soak the green peas(matar) overnite or atleast for 5-6 hours.
Drain the water and wash the matar well.
Cook the matar(with a pinch of salt) in a pressure cooker till soft.(depends..5-6 whistles)

Add oil in a kadhai.Fry the paneer pieces in it lightly.This is required when you use home-made paneer because it is soft.If you are using ready-made paneer, then there is no need to fry the paneer pieces.
Keep the paneer aside.
Add oil in a kadhai.
Add the chopped onion and green chillies(slit).
Add salt and let the onions saute.
Add ginger-garlic paste and let it cook.
Once the raw smell of ginger-garlic goes, add the tomato finely chopped.
Add salt,haldi,dhaniya and jeera powder and close the lid.
Let it cook for about 10 min.
Now add the matar and close and cook again for about 10 min.
Add the paneer pieces and water till the desired consistent gravy is reached.
Serve hot matar paneer with phulkas :-)

Note - potato can also be added if you wish.


  1. Looks yummy.....If u have to bengilicize this dish u might want to throw in some whole garam masala(cloves,cardamom and cinnamon sticks) in oil before you start.And offcourse you being married into a "ghoti" family some sugar in the oil before you add the onions would also be perfect.