Thursday, 31 May 2012

Sweet Potato Shankarpali

I heard about these sweet potato shankarpalis few days back but had never tasted them.So thought of giving it a try as I thought it would be definitely tasty since we like the normal sweet shankarpalis. And yes they turned out just perfect - crispy shankarpalis :)

mashed sweet potato (1 cup)
all purpose flour/maida(1.5 cup)
powdered sugar(slightly less than 1/2 cup)
salt(a pinch)
ghee(1 tbspn)
Oil for deep frying

Method -
Boil the sweet potatoes and mash them.The mashed quantity I used was 1 cup.
Add maida,sugar,salt and ghee to it and knead into a dough.Sweetness can be varied as per your taste.
Make small balls out of this dough.
Roll each ball into a small roti with the help of a rolling pin .
Cut into diamond shaped shankarpalis with the help of a pizza cutter.(You can refer to the pic posted in "Shankarpali")
Heat oil and deep fry the shankarpalis on a medium flame till brown.They will get crispy once they cool.
Store in an air-tight container.
Crispy shankarpalis are ready :-)

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