Friday, 25 May 2012

Caramel Pudding

Caramel pudding is a nice variation to the normal pudding...with the flavour of caramalised sugar.This requires very little effort and tastes divine :) So try out this version and am sure it will be a family favourite. 

Ingredients -
1 packet milk(500 ml)
4 eggs
sugar (14 tbspn)
vanilla essence

Method -
Heat the milk and let it cool.
Whisk(beat) 4 eggs in a bowl well.
Mix the eggs and milk well and add vanilla essence.
Add sugar(12 tbspn) to the milk-egg mix.Sweetness can be varied as per your choice.
To make the caramel - Heat a container/vessel in which you will make the pudding.Add 2 tbspn of sugar to it.The sugar will caramalize as it heats.
Once the sugar turns brownish,remove it from the flame and add the milk-egg mixture to it.
Take a pressure cooker, add some water to it.
Place a stand in the cooker and place the pudding container over this stand.
Close the pudding container.
Now pressure cook this for about 20-25 min without the weight(whistle).
Check and see if pudding is done with the help of a knife and then let it cool and refrigerate.


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