Friday, 24 November 2017

Banana Malpua

This dish gives a lovely banana flavor to the typical malpuas.The preparation is simple, but frying takes time as you have to be patient to fry the malpuas one by one so that they get soft from inside and crispy from outside.The banana malpuas come out so delicious that you will worth the time spent on them.. :)

all purpose fluor/maida(1/4cup)
wheat fluor/atta(1/2cup)
freshly grated coconut
fennel seeds/saunf
black pepper
oil/ghee for frying

Method -
Mash a banana into a large bowl.
Add atta,maida,sooji,pinch of salt,sugar,coconut to it.
Mix well.
Then add milk to make a consistent batter.
The quantity of milk can vary, as you can add more as and when it gets soaked.
The quantity of sugar can also be adjusted.The measure given here doesn't make it too sweet.
Once the batter is ready add half table spoon saunf and 4-5 crushed black peppercorns.
You must be wondering why black pepper in this sweet dish, but believe me it tastes amazing.
Heat some oil in a kadhai. I mixed some 3-4table spoon ghee with the oil.
Pour a laddle full of batter into the oil.
Fry on medium heat on both sides till brownish.
The above quantity made around 20-22 malpuas and got vanished in a couple of days :)

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