Monday, 4 December 2017

Coconut Ladoo/Narkel Naru/Nariyal Laddu - Durga Puja Special

Coconut/nariyal as in hindi/narkel as in bengali/naal as in konkani is a fruit/nut which is used in every Indian and typical Goan homes in some form or the other.It has a lot of medicinal benefits but today I shall not go into those details and restrict my post to coconut ladoos.These ladoos are a hot favourite in our home and they just disappear in no time.A very good alternative to sweet if you dont want to have those ready-made sweets/mithais.These are a must-have ladoos in every bengali home during Durga Puja.They are called as "narkel narus" in bengali.We love to have it in any season..:)So here goes the recipe.. 


Method -
Grate the coconut.
Adjust the amount of sweet as per your preference.Typically same amount of sugar/jaggery as the amount of grated coconut.
Generally we use half sugar and half jaggery.
This is how we love it in our house.
You can use only sugar or only jaggery.
Mix the mixture of coconut,sugar and jaggery with your hand well.
You can also add some mashed sweets like kalakand or sandesh if you wish.This is optional.
Now transfer this mixture into a kadai and put it on sim flame.
Stir it continuously till a whole lump is formed.
Remember this step is really important so that you can make perfect ladoos.
Once done, remove the mixture from flame and make round ladoos.
Thats it..lovely delicious ladoos are ready to be had anytime:)

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