Friday, 7 March 2014

Sabudana sheera/Sago sweetdish

Whenever we hear the word "Sabudana" the first thing what comes to our mind is sabudana khichdi(atleast it happens with most of the people).This sabudana sheera is a nice variation to the savoury khichdi.People who have a sweet tooth will definitely like it.It is literally very simple.The only thing you have to keep in mind is to soak the sabudana :) 

Ingredients -
sabudana/sago(1 cup)
sugar(3/4th cup)
freshly grated coconut(2tbspn)
cardamom/elaichi powder(1/2 tspn)
salt(a pinch)

Method -
Wash the sabudana(lightly) once and keep it covered for 5-6hours(till it becomes soft).
Sprinkle some water drops in between if it becomes too dry.
Do not soak it in water as it may get mushy.
Heat a non-stick pan.
Put in the ghee and soaked sabudana.
Toss it lightly.
Add sugar as per taste.Put in fresh coconut(this is optional).
Add a pinch of salt.
Remove it from the flame and sprinkle elaichi powder.
Yummy sabudana sheera is ready to serve :-)

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