Monday, 12 November 2012

Baked Beans

Baked beans despite the name are not baked but generally stewed in a sauce.This is a common dish you will find in an english breakfast.It is generally a sweeter version in the west, but this recipe posted here is an Indian style baked beans :)

Ingredients -
kidney beans/rajma(1 cup)
onion(1 medium)
green chillies(3-4)
tomato(1 medium)
tomato ketchup(2tbspn)
olive oil

Soak the beans overnight or for 7-8hours.
Pressure cook them till soft with some salt.
Chop onion and chillies finely.
Blanch the tomato ie- cook it in boiling water for 5min.
Remove the outer peel and make a puree out of it.
Heat a non-stick pan with some olive oil.Substitute with sunflower oil if you do not have oilve oil.
Add the chopped onion and chillies.
Saute for 2min.
Add the tomato puree and ketchup.
Put in the cooked beans and let it cook in the tomato sauce.
Cook till its semi-dry.
Serve hot with toast or it tastes equally yummy as a healthy snack :-)

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