Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Mughlai Paratha/Egg Paratha

Mughlai paratha or Dim paratha as it is called in bengali -dim standing for eggs.This is a very famous bengali food which can be had at anytime maybe breakfast,lunch or dinner.It is basically parathas stuffed with egg.This is a very easy,filling and quick recipe which can be made even if you do not have much in your pantry :)

Ingredients -
all purpose flour/maida(1.5 cups)
salt(1/2 tspn)
water to knead the dough

For the stuffing -
ginger(small piece)
green chillies(4-5)
tomato(1 small)
oil/butter for frying

Method -
Add oil and salt to the flour and knead the dough using water.
To make the stuffing -
Beat the eggs in a bowl and add salt.
Chop the onion,ginger,tomato and green chillies finely.
Add this to the beaten eggs.
Make small balls out of the dough.
With the help of a rolling pin roll each ball into a roti.Try to make the roti as thin as possible.
Since maida is used you can stretch the roti to make it very thin.
Heat a non-stick tawa.
Cook the roti mildly on both sides.
Place the egg mixture in the center of the roti and spread it carefully.
Drizzle oil or butter or ghee on the sides of the roti.
Fold the 2 ends of the roti and close it.See pic below.
Flip it on the other side and drizzle oil and cook.
This paratha should be cooked slowly on a low flame or else the egg stuffing inside might remain uncooked.
Similarly make rest of the parathas.
Serve hot with ketchup or dum-aloo :-)

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