Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sabudana Thalipeeth/Spicy Tapioca Pancake

Tapioca is known as sabudana in hindi/konkani and stands for seeds of sago.Subudana preparation is commonly used in India during fasting.It is used in puddings or kheer and khichdi made out of sabudana is very famous..popularly known as sabudana khichdi.This thalipeeth is an easy and tasty variation of sabudana which is very filling and gets ready in no time :)

Ingredients -
potatoes (2 big)
sabudana/tapioca (2 cups)
green chillies(4)
cumin seeds
fresh coriander leaves

Method -
Wash and soak the tapioca for 4-5 hours or overnight.
Boil and mash the potatoes.
Chop the green chillies and coriander fine.
Mix the soaked tapioca,mashed potatoes,chillies,cumin seeds and coriander leaves.
Sprinkle salt as per taste.
Take a non-stick pan.
Wet your fingers and spread the dough with your hand.
Sprinkle oil as required and let it cook.
It will be faster if you can cover and cook.
Once done flip it and let it cook on the other side.
This thalipeeth needs to be crisp as tapioca will be a bit chewy.
Serve hot with ketchup or it just goes well with a cup of hot tea :-)

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